I Got Tested Out POSITIVE in COVID-19

Friday, 8th May 2021

Yeah, you read it right! And I was diagnosed as a POSITIVE patient in
COVID-19 for past 14 days. It take me so quite some time to think whether should I share this experience to the public, since I got quite numbers of enquiry on this, which sometimes it may triggered me on speaking it out for this topic.

And before I go to my main journey of this, I would like to say THANK YOU to my family and close people who make me have the encourage on sharing out this to you all.

Noted : The symptoms of COVID-19 are vary to different person based on their health.

Image Credit : Shl-bsp.com. 2021. Accounting Software for Working From Home During Covid-19 Pandemic.

Let me give you all an idea on how all this things happen. I will list it down based on the date on how my symptom develop.

21st April 2021 (Wednesday)

I received 2 email notification from Studio A which I had exposed on 2 different time and date which fall on 17th April 2021 & 19th April 2021, that the class I had been to are detected POSITIVE case during the class.

Symptoms : Slightly Headache, but still bearable.

22nd April 2021 (Thursday)

Early in the morning, I went to BP lab and get PCR test. As you can see in Image 1 below, the number of people to get test is so packed.

Image 1 : Get PCR Test at BP lab

Next, I back home straight and decided to have home quarantine for 10 days since I get notified by Studio A. During the day time, my headache started to get more serious and same time, my throat started to feel dry.

After that, my body started to feel EXTREMELY soreness and tiredness out of no where even though I just have 2 hour nap. There’s lead to most of my friends ask me how does it feel like? And this is what I answer to them.

“It’s just like you finished 42km marathon run and add on with 45min HIIT work out.”

Basically is just SO TIRED! and my body is like telling me “PLEASE STOP MOVING”

Night time, where the symptoms start develop before I got my result on next day. I started to feel chill at middle of night while my air condition is at 27 Celsius , and I covered my self with 4 blanket and I still feel cold.

Frankly speaking, on this day, I already doubt that I might got detected POSITIVE. But, I just need to wait my result on next day to get all my query that appeared in my head.

Symptoms : Headache + Dry Throat + Body aches & Tiredness + Chills (Still bearable)

Day 1 : 23rd April 2021 (Friday)

Things that I wish not to happen, and it happened. It was really shocked and panicked situation when I saw myself get DETECTED. But I need to calm myself down to sort out all the upcoming things to do that I have listed down below :


  1. Inform my family members, friends, colleague that past 2–3 days you had been close contact with them and advise them to go get test.
  2. Inform my building management by attach your covid result to them that you are detected positive in COVID-19.
  3. Isolate myself in a room /home with a separate bathroom.

And more things to do, please refer to Image 4. Basically I follow all the step that provided from BP lab since the day I got my result.

Image 2 : Detected POSITIVE in COVID-19

Just incase if you wonder what is CT Value stated in my report.

When is my First Day of COVID-19?

My Day 1 will be calculate since the day I got my POSITIVE result which mean it’s fall on 23rd April 2021. It’s does not count on the day before I get myself tested with PCR test although I had already started develop symptom.

What is Cycle Threshold (CT ) Value

CT value also can be know as cycle threshold (CT) which defined as the number of cycles required for the fluorescent signal to cross the threshold.

Cts < 29 : Strong positive reactions indicative of abundant target nucleic acid in the sample

Cts of 30–37 : Positive reactions indicative of moderate amounts of target nucleic acid

Cts of 38–40 : Weak reactions indicative of minimal amounts of target nucleic acid which could represent an infection state or environmental contamination.

Image 3: What is Cycle threshold (CT) Value. (Real Time PCR Ct Values, 2021)
Image 4: Things to do when you get detected COVID-19

At this point, if you ask me am I being calm all the time? Of course Not, I do feel panic and depress at same time, but what I can do? The only things while waiting for the call from KKM/CAC people, is

  1. Keep calling to the KKM/CAC to get further SOP and information on what you should do next or update your health status to them. Refer to Image 5
  2. Update my Covid-19 status in MySejahtera Apps. Refer to Image 5.
Image 5 : Hotline number for COVID-19 in Malaysia & Status update in MySejahtera apps

About 4pm- 5pm, I received called from BP lab that they already sent my report to KKM. So they did ask me to stand by to received any called from KKM/CAC at anytime soon.

Then around 6pm, I received another called from Covid Assessment Centre (CAC) that they already follow up my case. So they basically let me know that, next few days there will be a Doctor calling to me and check upon on my health status, and during this wait time period, they ask me to keep myself stay hydrated and consume Vitamin C.

And keep observe if my symptoms get worsen such as :

  1. Short of breathe
  2. Blue face/lips
  3. Cough with blood

then please contact to the nearest hospital and seek for medication and help.

In a mean while, I already on fever at this day while I still busying with all the things to update and the my fever its keep coming back and forth for whole day at 37.5C. So I took Panadol to let my fever cool off whenever my fever start stimulate back after 4–6 hours. Other than that, my headache, body ache, tiredness, dry throat and running nose all still having along with me on this day.

Symptoms : Headache + Dry Throat + Body aches & Tiredness + Fever + Running nose

Day 2 : 24th Aril 2021 (Saturday)

Today, I feel much more better compare to my Day 1, due to my fever and headache was completely went off, and left with others symptoms on Day 1.

And I received parcel from parents, they pack lots of Traditional Chinese Medicine for me to recuperate for my lung. Refer to Image 6 .

(Take Note : To be fair to you guys, we did not know is this work or not, but this Traditional Chinese Medication Formula are use to gone viral in facebook and my parents were also in panic stage as me, so they just packed for me to try it for 3 days.)

Image 6 : Traditional Chinese Medication

Other than Traditional Medication, I also consume lots of warm water (>3L) and other supplement too such as Amway vitamin C, Cherry powder drink, Triple Guard supplement during this hard time.

Thanks to my boyfriend and Aaron family who help me out get all my needs and hearty food delivered and place outside of my door side.

Image 7 : Amway Supplement

Take Note : I don’t know does it work on anyone, but it did help me feel better, and all the supplement and medication I took are not proven by any DR, Due to on this day, I still did not received any calls from anyone yet.

What is the most challenge part during this COVID-19 period?

Personally, I feel physically pain/symptom is not the challenge part to me, due to it’s just make me so uncomfortable and tired all the time.

Let me take 2 most obvious PHYSICAL aches symptom as an example :-

  1. Body aches : It’s just feel like muscle soreness to me after exercise.
  2. Tiredness : This is the part where I get noticed that this COVID-19 attacked my lung badly due to I can’t speak long in a short period of time, I feel exhausted easily. Not only that, I tried to do some light indoor workout, just to keep myself active and sweat it out, I constantly need a small break for every 5 mins while I was just doing 30 jumping jacks! This is how bad of COVID-19 had attacked to my lung badly.

However, the most challenging part for me is MENTALITY! Why ? You will know why when you put yourself in my shoe!

Firstly as a COVID-19 patient, I personally feel that I bring troublesome to those people I had close contact with.
(So sorry for that once again if anyone of you girls are reading this. T.T) .

Next, is my mentality is like constantly asking me this following question

“Why is it me?”
“Why those people who went same place with me, did not get detected and still keep cafe hopping around?”

And yeah, I started to get homesick pretty badly. From here, I already started to feel my mentality is at unbalanced and depress mode pretty badly, and keep hold everything to myself and don’t want to share it with anyone.

Until it reach one period of time, where my case turn me up to an ATTENTION to others people for them to judge on me and take it as a joke.

For an instance:
“Eh, How are you? Are you still alive?”
“Did you lost your taste and smell yet?”
“Yo, Can you breathe?”
“You so active in sports also will get POSITIVE in Covid-19?”

And the most stupid things I ever encounter is when some of your friends which you did not close contact with them, and right after they know what is happening on me and they started to panic at their side while they are just normal illness such as sore throat, headache, flu for some times.

But they keep whining and complaining about their life and their normal illness in front of the person WHO WAS GET DETECTED POSITIVE. Can you feel what is that feeling? I don’t want to take things personally, but on this day I really couldn’t take it on any negativity or trying to be a good listener to anyone of it.

Until reach one point, I started to get phobia on people who come and ask me “HOW ARE YOU” in my message. Due to all this people make me feel like they are trying to expect me to split up some tea / story them on what is happening on me or even worst like they are so excited on wondering me am I experiencing loss of smell/taste yet.

And from this day onwards, I had shut my Instagram down, just to give myself a break from anyone, and just focus on my recovery. And this is the day I realise that humanity is much more uglier and scarier than COVID-19.

Yeah, guys please think twice before you speak yea. If you feel that you have nothing good to share, just keep your mouth shut because you will never know your 1 words can demolished people mood of the day or those people who were trying hard to stay positive.

Conclusion for today, I do not received any call from KKM/CAC people.
While I had been loading myself with all the supplement, traditional chinese medication, more fruits and so on. And the symptoms I have on today is just as shown in below.

Symptoms : Headache + Dry Throat + Body aches & Tiredness + Running Nose + Cough

Day 3 : 25th April 2021 (Sunday)

Good news! I finally received call from DR from KKM. Over the conversation with Dr, she did ask me on several questions that relate on my health status. After that, she based on my health status and criteria to see whether am I allow to have home quarantine or required to go quarantine unit. Good things is I get her approval on having home quarantine, but she did ask me to keep constantly to be alert on phone, due to upcoming days, I will be receiving lots of incoming call from different team of people.

In order to solve most of the people curiosity on what are the question she asked me over the phone conversation to get her approval for home quarantine, I will list it down below, but if you ask me on how they justified on whether POSITIVE Covid-19 patient should go to quarantine unit or not, I really don’t know on this.

List of question:

  1. When is the date you get tested out positive?
  2. Where is current location now?
  3. Have you informed your company that you got tested positive?
  4. What is your company name?
  5. Are you staying alone at home ?
  6. Do you have own car?
  7. How you get all your daily needs and essentials?
  8. Where have you been and get tested out positive?
  9. Did you develop any symptoms?
  10. What is your temperature of your fever?
  11. Are you encounter short of breathe/blue lips/ blue face/ cough out blood/ loss of smell and taste?

This are all the list of questions that Dr had asked me through out the call, and from there I answered all the question and I did share her my symptoms of the day which is I left running nose, cough, body ache and tiredness.

Then, after evaluate based on my criteria and health status, Dr ask me to consume more warm water and vitamin C during this hard time and yet she approved me to have home quarantine. Meanwhile, she did asked me to go collect my home quarantine letter at nearest CAC and get myself tied up a pink ribbon band on 27th April 2021 (Monday) once I had received the next called after she had done evaluate on me.

Warm Lemon water

As usual, I consume more than 3L of warm lemon water, vitamin c, triple guard, traditional chinese medicine, running nose & throat medication pills and zinc powder until the end of the day.

And I did open my window widely just to get more fresh air in home. In an addition, I also did everyday keep myself active and sweat out a bit by doing indoor work out. Although I still having some minor symptom with me such as running nose, dry cough, body ache and tiredness.

Symptoms update of the day:
Running nose :
Clear liquid + Nose Stuck
Dry Cough : Cough with yellowish of phlegm
Body Ache : Muscle soreness + Joint pain
Tidness : Body feel extremely heavy

“Trust me, you will feel so much better after you sweat out. No need to do some intense work out, some light work out that can help you to sweat it out will be enough for you”

See you guys on next day update. Bye~

Symptoms : Running nose, Cough, Body ache and Tiredness

Day 4 : 26th April 2021 (Monday)

Good Morning world! Today is the day received a Whatapps text from CAC team people. Woohoo~

Morning Quote

Basically in the text, they will sent you the location of nearest CAC centre that are close to you, your appointment date & time on when you should drop your visit and they will also attached a google form link for you to update your health status to them on daily basis. Beside of google form, you were also need to update ur health status in MySejahtera apps, it will prompt you a notification at your “Things to do” homepage of the apps. (Please refer to Image below)

So if you have any question, or you feel uncomfortable, you may contact to them anytime soon. It’s just one call/text away.

Left : Google form from CAC | Right : Questionnaire from MySejahtera Apps

Everything medication and supplement I had consumed are basically same as past few days ago.

For food, I basically ate everything except deep fried and spicy stuff. So if you asked me what are the food that I consume the most, I only can say avocado sandwich, apple/orange, fish porridge, steam bao, sweet potato and chicken. I don’t really feel hungry all the time, because I already get so fulled from loading myself with tons of warm water. I ate is for the sake of my body need nutrition and same time I need to take my medication.

After that, I went to have a nap for rest then have a quick workout before I have my dinner.

In a nutshell, I’m feeling so much better today compare to past few weeks. The only different things is today I feel much more better due I don’t have any running nose symptoms with me anymore. All I left is just dry cough with phlegm, body aches and tiredness.

Symptoms : Dry Cough with phlegm, Body aches and Tiredness

Day 5 : 27th April 2021 (Tuesday)

At 830am early in the morning, I went to CAC centre to get my home quarantine letter & pink ribbon from the centre and I already see there is so many people queueing right in front of the centre to themselves to cut/tied ribbon at CAC centre.

Covid Assessment Centre

So what are the things that I need to prepared when I pay a visit to them? Basically you just bring along your Identification Card (IC) for Malaysian. I’m not too sure about foreigner, but no worries, the CAC people will let you know what you need to prepared over on the phone through Whatapps.

On this day, I started to feel my sense of smell are not so SENSITIVE compared to past few days in the morning, but yet I still able to smell and taste for my food and perfume. It’s just the smell is not so strong compare to past few days for awhile.

Other than that, my other symptoms for COVID-19 such as dry cough, body aches and tiredness are getting better and better. It’s just my sense of smell is not sensitive for today.

Lastly for end of today update, I just continue my daily routine with some work, update my health status in google form & MySejahtera apps, rest, work out, load in warm lemon water, supplement, food and have good sleep at night.

Symptoms :
Sense of smell : is not sensitive, but still can smell
Dry Cough : Cough when there is phlegm
Body Ache : Not too much of pain other than all my joint are feeling a bit of pain.
Tiredness : 4/10

Day 6 : 28th April 2021 (Wednesday)

Finally KKM had drop me call! HAHA (I been waiting there call so long… T.T). Over the call, he just ask on how am I feeling? how was my health status? Do I develop any symptom? and same time they did request more information from me other than only focus on my health. So I will list down what are the things they request from me, and I hope it will help you guys at this stage :

List of things requested from KKM

  1. Your current home address.
  2. Your company name and address.
  3. Date you get expose/contact to POSITIVE patient.
  4. Where you get contacted with POSITIVE patient.
  5. Screenshot past 14 days of your check-in point location in MySejahtera Apps.
  6. List down all the people name & contact number that has been close contact with you since the day you got tested out POSITIVE.

Right after submit all the information to KKM through Whatapps, then I continue my usual daily routine and work stuff.

So as for this day, my sense of smell seem back to normal instead of lack of sensitivity compare to yesterday. And my body aches on this day also recover as well. It left only dry cough with phlegm and tiredness.

Symptoms : Dry cough with phlegm (cough when there is phlegm only), Tiredness (4/10)

Day 7–11 : 29th — 1st May 2021 (Thursday — Saturday)

Good morning, I will compile this 4 days into 1 short post of journal. Basically this 4 days, I already fully recover from COVID-19 due to this 4 days I do not develop any symptoms at all other than I constantly feel tired all the time.

And if not remember wrongly, on my Day 9 : 30th April 2021 (Friday), I received a text message from CAC that I able to discharge on 3rd May 2021 (Monday) and they required me to pay another visit on 3rd May in the morning to collect my Release Letter and cut off my pink ribbon on my wrist.

So basically that is my last text message received from them on 30th April 2021. Why I say so? Because I basically everyday will received a call/text from them on reminding me to keep update my health status google form to them.
They are really pretty friendly and I can see how much efforts that they commit to the society. I really feel so thankful and grateful to all this front liner people. BIG THANKS TO YOU ALL.

Day 13 : 3rd May 2021 (Monday)

Yesh! It’s the day that I cut off my pink ribbon! I am so happy. So early in the morning, I went to CAC centre queue to collect my Release letter and cut my pink ribbon from them.

So before I cut my band off, the Dr at CAC centre help me did the last round of health check which include my body temperature and blood pressure too. Right after they finish evaluate, my pink ribbon are completely cut out from my wrist too.

In a conclusion from this hard time period, there are few things that I had learned in this hard time. And please stop all hanging around to those crowd places, it’s so dangerous now. Let our front liner folks have a break too, they been working 24/7.

  1. You will clearly see who are those people who surround you when you are downtime. Don’t expect that there will be someone take care of you, all this while, I been taking care myself alone without close contact with anyone.
  2. It’s good to practise a break from social media especially instagram. I personally found it is so toxic to me. Ever since I temporary close down my instagram, I am able to focus on my recovery stage without any distraction/sound pollution and sarcastic judgement received from other people that surround me.
  3. Family is always there for you.

Okay bye. See you all on next post with different kind of content instead of this journey again. And I don’t want to face this journey again. T.T

Hello Lovely ~ Welcome to my blog. It will be an online journal for me to share out my thought, interest stuff, experience that happen around on me. Let’s GO.

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Von Chew

Von Chew

Hello Lovely ~ Welcome to my blog. It will be an online journal for me to share out my thought, interest stuff, experience that happen around on me. Let’s GO.

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